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Originally from South Africa, and that's where the photographic journey began. Terry started by photographing the people of his home town as a personal project documenting their lives and their unique surroundings. It didn't take long for him to take up photography as a career and he soon began to assist commercial photographers as well as working on big production film sets to learn what he could from them.
Fast forward a couple of years and having done work in many different fields of photography ranging from architectural, nature, landscape, products, portraiture and sports, Terry then moved to Norway where he now specialises in fine art photography and portraiture. Doing projects in both digital and large format photography he can deliver a broad spectrum of work to his clients and provides more opportunities for creativity.
Nature plays a big part of his personal and fine art work. He grew up appreciating the wild life and his surroundings and is the fundamental purpose behind most of his work, to capture the beauty of the natural world.
Terry is currently working on a project involving coastal Norwegian sheep and what impact they've had to help shape Norwegian culture. Mainly focused on portraying old Norwegian wild sheep ''gammel Norsk sau'' in a free and wild environment and how adaptive they are to the Nordic coastal area, since they have been around and unchanged since the stone age. The end goal is to hopefully showcase the sheep in a way that they have not been photographed before and to remind us of their importance on our society. 
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